Can I cancel my ticket online?

Most of the tickets can be cancelled online. However, some tickets that can only be cancelled through our office .so please call. 01-4254843, 01-4248598.

The following is the usual cancellation fee:

Time Frame

Cancellation Fee

Less than 1 week and upto 3 days before the travel

5% of the total ticket fare

Less than 3 days and upto 24 hrs before the travel

10% of the total ticket fare

Less then 24 hours upto 12 hrs before the travel

25% of the total ticket fare

*Less than 12 hrs  before departure

  No refund

However please note that the cancellation fee and cancellation period may differ for specific bus services. Please contact any of our executives for cancellation details on any specific service.

How can I cancel my bus ticket online?

For cancellation , click the My Ticket from My Account. Click on Modify button. And select your ticket(s) for cancellation.


Refund Policy


I missed the bus. Do I get a refund?

Bus Nepal provides a 100% refund if the bus is missed due to either BusNepal or its’ partner company's fault. However, if the bus is missed due to any other reason not directly related to BusNepal no refund is provided.


How can I get a refund in case I cancel my ticket?

The refund is provided as per with our cancellation policy. This refund will be provided in the form of a cash redeposit to your bank account only. So please provide your bank details as follows, and we will redeposit to your account within 3 working days.
-Account holder’s name
- Bank A/C number
 - Bank Name
 - Branch Name

Phone Booking & COD
Booking Related:



Payment Related:

Can I pay by Card for COD?

No. We only accept cash for COD.

Cancellation related:

How do I cancel my ‘Cash on Delivery’ ticket?

Cash on Delivery tickets can be cancelled by calling  at01-4254843 / 4248598 . These tickets cannot be cancelled online.

I booked a COD but want to cancel it now. The ticket is not delivered yet. What to do?


Call  at01-4254843 / 4248598.for pre-delivery COD cancellation is free of charges.

Refund related:

How will I get a refund of the cancelled ‘Cash on Delivery’ ticket?

For cash on delivery tickets, the refund amount can be transferred only to your bank account. Please provide the following bank details to our executive while canceling the ticket:
*   Account holder’s name
*   Bank A/C number
*   Bank Name
*   Branch Name

COD Tracking:

I have booked a ticket but have not got it yet. How can I know the delivery status ?

Please call  at01-4254843/ 4248598. and mention the phone number used for booking the ticket. Our executive will update you about the status of delivery.

I left a request for COD. When will I hear from your team?

Your requests placed between 10 AM to 8 PM, our executives will call you within 30 minutes. If you place a request after 8 PM, we will call you the next day.


Sales Office :

Chaksibari Road , Thamel , Kathmandu

Tel: at 01-4254843, 4248598

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